About Us

Wollemi Consulting is an Auckland-based management consulting service founded in 2017 by Rohan MacMahon.

We offer a broad range of services, from strategic reviews to specific consulting on your business challenges in key areas such as digital technology and sustainability.

Rohan MacMahon is Wollemi’s principal and founder, and has over 20 years’ experience as a management consultant, strategic planner and corporate executive. He has deep expertise in the impact of changing technology on business. He first worked on technology convergence back in 1994 while a management consultant at Accenture (then Andersen Consulting). Rohan led an Internet start-up in the late 1990s followed by executive roles at Telstra Australia in strategy, planning, product/ sales/ marketing and operations. In 2010 he took on the role of strategy director at Crown Fibre Holdings Ltd (now Crown Infrastructure Partners), the Government-owned company created to run the Ultra Fast Broadband initiative. Rohan has bachelor’s degrees from the University of Sydney in economics and law.

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